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About Lisa

Hi, I’m Lisa King – a graphic designer in Studio City, California. I have spent years creating logos and visual imagery for other people’s businesses. Now I have decided to start this blog to share my creativity along with my crazy passion for food and teaching others how to cook.

I will show you how to incorporate new ingredients or how to tackle difficult recipes and to learn new cooking skills. My goal is to build your confidence so you will be able to take a recipe, tweak it, substitute alternate ingredients and make it your own. Don’t get me wrong, I will be sharing recipes but you will learn flexibility in the kitchen which will make cooking a much more enjoyable experience.

My focus is always:

  • Use the freshest ingredients available within your budget
  • Stock your pantry, so you can create quick and easy meals
  • Make adjustments to a recipe when you don’t have all the ingredients
  • Create healthy meal plans for your family to save time and money
  • Use leftovers to make a new dish and waste less food’
Lisa King
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Introducing a collaboration between
Culver City Farmers Market
and My Studio Kitchen.
In my weekly visits to the market,
I’ll be checking out the fresh produce
from the farmers as well as the fish,
bread and cheese vendors to see
what’s new and what’s in season.
Then I’ll share my quick and easy
recipes with you. I’m hoping you will
find inspiration to try new recipes
and experiment with
new ingredients as well.